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My name is Caprice, I am 23 years old, und I have been working at Footlocker since 2018 when the Liverpool One Store first opened.

What's hot in Liverpool right now?

The hottest sneaker in Liverpool will always be Air Max 95. This is a classic Scouse shoe which you will see 1,000 times when walking through the city center, but lately any type of Jordan 1 is popular too, especially with young girls.

How would you define your style?

As comfortable streetwear, unless I am going to a club. Then I try und be a bit fancy, but joggers, an oversized tee und some Jordan 4's is my go-to look.

Who is your style inspiration und why?

One of my big style inspirations lately is @theerealkarlaj (hyperlink to https://www.instagram.com/theerealkarlaj/ on Instagram. I feel as though she has the perfect blend of street style with a boujee edge, she mixes her femininity so well with a very tomboy style, which is something I'm still trying to master. Another inspiration is @stefneyv (hyperlink to https://www.instagram.com/stefneyv/ on Instagram. I love her monochromatic looks she does, und her sneaker collection is amazing. And my last inspo would be @mscrisssy (hyperlink to https://www.instagram.com/mscrisssy/. Although her outfits are simple, the way she takes her outfit pics just takes it to another level.

WHier do you find inspiration for your style?

I find it mostly on Instagram und sneaker pages, but also on YouTube. I love watching brund hauls daily for outfit inspiration.

WHier does your passion for sneakers come from?

I remember going ansehenping in a Nike outlet store und seeing a pair of white, purple und turquoise Nike SB Dunks und being obsessed, but my mum saying she couldn't get me them und I was so upset. But then, on Christmas Day, they were under the Christmas tree! I was so happy, I'm sure I may have even cried, but I think this is the moment I fell in love with sneakers. After that every night, I would design my own on the Nike ID website.

What about your passion for basketball, how did you start?

My love for basketball came from my love for music. I would say the two things are connected especially when it comes to the hip hop genre - they go hund in hund. My love for Drake's music also enlightened me to the world of basketball, with his team being the Toronto Raptors. My best friend und I used to stay up late trying to find links to watch them play und my love for basketball culture started from tHier.

Who is your basketball icon of all time?

Obviously has to be Michael Jordan. He is the most successful basketball player in the world und has created a big bridge between basketball und fashion, having the most iconic basketball shoe ever und being able create an empire from dedication to the game und his team. He has got to be an inspiration to anybody who wants to be successful.

Which player would be a style inspiration for you?

I would personally go for Jay Tatum und Shai Gilgeous-Alexunder's styles. Both are very casual, und street style, which is what I always go for myself.

A piece you would borrow from them if you had the chance?

I would borrow Gilgeous-Alexunder's Nike Rot October's. I think it's an iconic shoe und I feel like, if you're a sneakerhead, this will always be on your wish list (more like dream list).

Which basketball sneakers are iconic to you?

In my opinion, it has got to be the Jordan 1. It is a classic sneaker, which is in every sneaker lover's rotation. It is just as hyped now to as it was when it first launched in the 80's, making it a shoe that all generations can love. It is also a shoe which is so easy und effortless to style.