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Meet the Topcats ​

The Brixton Topcats are an incredibly renowned and respected British basketball club, with a trophy cabinet and alumni to rival any club in the country. However, that’s not the only impressive aspect of the club. Ever since their formation the Topcats strive to motivate young people through the sport of basketball. They believe that such participation will have a positive influence on player’s self-perception, self-confidence and mindset.

In memory of coach Jimmy Rogers  ​

We are proud to partner with this fantastic club to further support the local game and help foster the basketball community in Brixton. As part of our partnership we pledged to support the club in marking the memorial of the coach, the legend, the founder and Godfather of the Brixton Topcats, Jimmy Rogers. ​

Jimmy was dedicated to bettering the lives of people that came after him. He wanted to see all those that he coached and encountered excel without any exceptions - both on and off the court. Jimmy was a role model and was an inspiration to everyone around him. In honor of his memory and as a tribute to the success and achievements he set in motion, we teamed up with local artist, Benjamin Wachenje, to create a visual timeline installation in our Brixton store heroing key moments in both Jimmy’s life and the club’s history​

Club members were also invited to the store to pay tribute to Jimmy and write their own personal messages in memory of the local hero. These messages can be viewed in our Brixton store throughout October.​

Bring back the icons​

When we first teamed up with the Topcats, one of their biggest dreams was to bring back their legendary merchandise. So, we did just that. Working closely with the club we created a design that is uniform across all products, featuring the Topcats logo front and center. Foot Locker not only designed a dedicated kit for all team players, but we also included a special range of products for you to cop! ​

The pieces are available now exclusively at the Brixton Foot Locker store or on the clubs official website https://www.brixtontopcats.org  All proceeds of the merchandise go directly to the club. ​ Check out the products below, all worn and styled by Topcats’ very own members​.​